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Sunday, April 27, 2014

What You Can Do With a Ruined Tee Shirt

I have no idea how my red top wound up in the wash with all my white and cream clothes. None. Worse luck, I added a cup of bleach to the mix and let the whole mess sit for a couple of hours.

Not surprisingly, this cream top picked up a hint of red (much diluted) here and there.

Rit Dye Remover is expensive, and the top was not. However, I'd been wanting to try Zentangle on fabric, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity.


One piece of cardstock
A fabric pen in black


1. I didn't need to iron my top, because I'd hung it up to dry, but your fabric should be smooth.
2. Slip the card between the fabric layers so the ink doesn't soak through.
3. Choose a steady, flat surface so you don't have any wobble.

4. Start drawing.

5. Stand back and admire. Notice that I chose a very simple pattern. Less is more in my book. But this still needed something.

6. Let sit 24 hours.

7. Wear and collect compliments. (You're such a thrifty Craft-anista!)

Note: I used fabric markers that I bought online. I've been told that you can also use Sharpies. I suggest that after you let the fabric sit for 24 hours, you iron it on the WRONG side to help heat set the ink. Then wash it inside out in cold water.

Okay, anyone willing to try this? Tell me what you're going to rescue by adding a tangle!


Gram said...

I would have to use a stencil or the crafting part would be such a mess! I will think of this the next time I want to rescue something. :-)

Linda Gordon Hengerer said...

Very pretty, and a great way to save a top!

Amy G said...

I am going through my closet. If that doesn't work, I'll hit Good Will. Got to try this,

Roxy said...

Great Idea! I just pulled a couple of T's with food and paint stains....How to "rescue" them when the spot remover didn't work! Thanks, J!