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Monday, December 10, 2012

Behind That Door...

For months I've been driving past a sign that says, "Sunshine State Carnations." Today I decided to drop in. The kind lady who greeted me laughed. "We don't have carnations. Haven't for fifteen years."


I was really disappointed. But I wasn't about to give up. I'd seen the small riding tractors. The greenhouse webbing. And I wasn't ready to go home. So I said, "What do you have?"

She laughed softly. "Come see," she said as she led me to a huge steel door.

"I'm not going in," said my husband. "That looks like a morgue.

The woman laughed again. But I was game. Then she opened the door.

When they opened King Tut's grave, and Lord Carnervon asked Howard Carter, "What do you see?"

And Carter said, "Wonderful things."

That's what I saw, too. Aren't these flowers beautiful?

 I bought an armful! They had been cut fresh from the growing fields just that morning. See that smile on my face? Oh, boy. I filled three vases with my haul.

I encourage you to open that door...the one that looks frightening and forbidding...because behind it you might find FLOWERS!

Take a virtual tour of "Sunshine Carnations" aka Sunshine Tropical Foliage. 

Lots of love,


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Sarah said...

How fun! It's sort of snowy, grey, cold and dreary here, so the flowers are extra inviting to me! Hope you enjoy them! :)