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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lois Hirt Looks for the Smiles

Lois Hirt writes a column called "Dental Scraps." She's interested in dental references we include in our mystery books. After she read Photo, Snap, Shot, she donated it to the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore!

I was happy to meet Lois, and to share the fact that I've had GREAT experiences with my dentists. In fact, I think so much of my dentist in St. Louis that I even named a character after him: Dr. Mike Wallace.

Lois posted on DorothyL that she "loved the lines where Kiki remembers how she and each family member could take a day to worry." She quotes from Photo, Snap, Shot were Kiki says, "That way we'll worry more efficiently. If something happens to any of us on your day, it's that person's fault--and we can blame her."

Actually, that's an idea I came up with for my own family.

I am learning, however, that worrying is a spectator sport where nobody wins. Sigh.

Lois went on to write, "I can’t wait to see what happens next in Kiki's life. I absolutely loved the last two paragraphs of the book. I could just picture it."

Thanks so much, Lois. You put a great big SMILE on my face!;)

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Anonymous said...

Hi,Thank you Joanna for including me in your column. One can imagine the smile that it put on my face. Joanna was kind enough to take time out to not only answer my dental questions from all 3 of her Kiki Lowenstein books but aded some personal dental history. That always adds to the flavor of the column. I try to give each authors dental tidbits a separate title to somewhat match the book's title. Thus Joanna's was DENTAL SCRAPS.
You don't have to be a crafts-type person to enjoy Joanna's books. In fact, I got a kick out of PHOTO, SNAP, SHOT when Kiki did a scrapbook for a woman getting a divorce to show what she had. I enjoy the characters and the fact that I can dislike her mother-in-law. Enjoy, Lois Foster Hirt