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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why do YOU read?

Tuesdays with Sally Lippert, Joanna's Ace Assistant

Do you read for fun?
Do you read to escape?
Do you read to learn a new skill?
Or is it all of the above?
Currently, I am reading for all of the above.

As I am trying to assist Joanna in the self-publishing world, I have developed a whole new appreciation for what an author goes through to get a book into our hands.

When we are very young, our parents introduce us to the world of books.
School starts and we begin our education via books and teachers.
Choosing our professions, we go on to higher learning and study a field of interest.
Growing up, I read the Boxcar children, Bobbsey Twins, and Nancy Drew.
My brothers read comic books.
Through adulthood, I have gone through all the genres of reading as I am sure most of you have done.

But I never had an appreciation for what it takes to write a novel until now. I didn't know the "behind the scenes" work involved. The hours spent editing, checking facts, double-checking style for consistency, making decisions about cover copy, and reaching out to fans. As I go through Kiki Land, my admiration for Joanna has grown by leaps and bounds because of her growth as a writer.

Joanna curling up with a good book
Of course, I am reading lots of other authors and now respect the research that goes into writing a book.

I also have a new respect for the online world that authors must navigate, a world changing every day. As my own career as a nurse unfolded, I never stopped studying or learning, especially as critical care changed with all the new technology. That ability to stay mentally agile is definitely coming in handy, as I am learning new ways of publishing and marketing.

But even though so much of the delivery system has changed, in the end, it is still all about delivering a good story. Writers definitely have their work cut out for them as they help us to learn, entertain and escape.


Nancy G. said...

I read to escape. I'm a medical technologist, working nights - and have a highly stressful job.

When I read, I usually choose mysteries, cozies, paranormal, urban fantasy or science fiction. I feel the need for something lighter, or different. For hours on end, I am transported to entirely new worlds, and the characters become my friends.

When I write, which is not frequently enough, it is for the same reason - and serves the same purpose.

Books can take us anywhere we want to go, and let us be whoever we want to be!

Barbara T. said...

Cheap entertainment. Start and stop (okay, if I have to...whine) and not miss any of the action. Learn about places and things I never would have been able to in real life.

Sally Lippert said...

I found when I was still working that my reading varied with my stress level. I remember reading Hind's Feet in High Places while my husband was in ICU after his heart transplant because my friends in Atlanta gave it to me just prior to his transplant. It gave me so much support. I read a lot of "beach" books when working in critical care. Then changed to cozy mysteries and spiritual books during my hospice career.

Dru said...

I read for escapism, enjoyment and all-around entertainment.

Reading a book helps me in the real world because of something I read.

I like mysteries because it's problem solving, a puzzle and it let's my imagination roam while gathering all the clues.

Again, I like to read for the enjoyment it brings me.

Mary Kennedy said...

I read for enjoyment, relaxation and because I just love to read.

My favorite books are mysteries. They always have been. Growing up I think I read every Nancy Drew book written.