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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Very Kiki Contest!

Lately, I've been swamped re-writing and editing the second book in The Jane Eyre Chronicles, Death of a Dowager. Meanwhile, Kiki keeps calling to me, like an invisible friend who is feeling sorely neglected.

So I decided to do something fun...a CONTEST!

The rules:

1.  Tell me what you love about Kiki in an email. (Send it to
2. Put KIKI in the subject line.
3. The deadline is Oct. 15
4. I'll select a winner at random out of all your comments. That person will appear as a character in the next Kiki book or short story.

All comments will appear on my website, but I'll just use your first name and last initial for privacy's sake.

Okay--let the games begin!


Kimberly said...

I'm barely reading Death of a Schoolgirl after reading your Kiki books and I wanted to comment here because I love the range I'm seeing in your writing of these two very different styles. I'm not entering your contest because I have no interest in having a character in your next book (unless you'd be willing to include a person with Down syndrome instead), but I love Kiki's willingness to give people the benefit of the doubt, especially her mother-in-law with whom she could easily give into antagonizing their relationship further. Thanks for continuing to write!

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Kimberly, I would be delighted to include a person with Down syndrome. Years ago, I worked with a woman who was incredibly active with the Down syndrome congress. I might need your guidance though!

And thank you for the nice compliment. I spoke with one of my editors recently, and she, too, was amazed that I could write both Jane and Kiki!

Kimberly said...

Well, my daughter has Down syndrome but she is only 3 and has only begun her journey about teaching me what it means personally - and while she has already taught me an awful lot and though I've read every book the San Antonio library has to offer and bought some they didn't, I could direct you to about 100 Moms or actually adults with Ds that would be willing to offer help for something like this (the Ds community is very communicative and helpful with each other and this sort of thing).